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Financial Performance Measures Webinar

May 30, 2018 - 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. CST 
This webinar will explore the methodology of managing the transition from data to information to knowledge to action with the goal of achieving a high level of performance. The webinar will also discuss the difference between calculating outputs and measuring outcomes. Along with exploring the basics of change management, explaining how to identify what’s important and how to transform limited resources into significant improvements. Finally, the webinar will describe the importance of measuring, benchmarking, and evaluating all organizational activities, providing a basic introduction to the tools needed to attain “high performance.”


Greg L. Wolverton, Chief Technology Office, CSI Solutions, LLC
Greg is the Chief Technology Officer at CSI Solutions, LLC in Bethesda, MD.  CSI Solutions provides strategic support, program development, implementation, and sustainability planning to health care agencies and provider organizations that are positioning themselves for the ever-changing health care environment. 

Prior to joining CSI Solutions in April 2018, Mr. Wolverton was the Chief Information Officer at ARcare for over 15 years. During his tenure at ARcare, Mr. Wolverton led a Knowledge Management Team of more than 20 individuals responsible for the information, technology and education components of ARcare.  During this time ARcare was awarded to prestigious HIMSS Nicholas Davies Award of Excellence in Healthcare Technology recipient and in 2014, led the organization to be the first FQHC and one of the first non-hospital tethered ambulatory practices to achieve the coveted HIMSS Analytics Stage 7 EMRAM designation, with 37 sites awarded Stage 7.  This achievement placed ARcare in the top 4 % of all ambulatory practices in the country with their advanced use of EMR. In early 2017, ARcare again, recertified as a HIMSS Stage 7 Practice.

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