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Mississippi Community Health Centers Visit Capitol Hill to Promote Value

Posted: 12-Apr-2017

Recently, over sixty patients, Board Members, executives and staff from Mississippi's 20 Community Health Centers joined MPHCA and thousands of community health attendees from across America at the 2017 NACHC P&I Forum to meet with our lawmakers to discuss issues important to maintaining the vital work of community health. The P&I Forum is an opportunity for clinicians, board members, consumers, executives and many other community health leaders to bring perspectives to Members of Congress and offer constructive solutions to the issues at hand. 

Health center leaders joined decision-makers and public health leaders in the heart of Washington, D.C. to focus on the future. Important to this years discussions with Congress, health care issues were front and center as the new Administration and lawmakers on Capitol Hill assess health policies and consider proposals to restructure key federal programs, such as the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid, and Medicare.  

Mississippi Community Health Centers visited Capitol Hill to present information about the value of community health to Mississippi. 

Three objectives were front and center in messaging to our lawmakers: fixing the community health center funding cliff well before the September 2017 deadline, preserve Medicaid and health centers unique role within it, and ensure strong funding to enhance health center capacity, including investment in workforce. 

Making this year even more special to Mississippi, both Senator Roger Wicker and Senator Thad Cochran received NACHC's 2017 Distinguished Community Health Champion Award for lawmakers who led health center efforts and went above and beyond in support of health centers.

Mississippi Community Health Centers are pleased to have some of the strongest supporters in Congress for community health. We truly have a unified front in both the House and Senate for support of the mission to bring access to health care to all. Also, Senator Wicker leads in sponsoring the Wicker-Stabenow Health Centers Letter in the Senate. Support for health centers is truly a bi-partisan effort. 

New this year was a coordinated social media campaign tied in with the day's visits. Health Center Advocates from across the country posted the reasons why they #valueCHCs and #SaveOurCHCs across social media. At one point during the day over 3 million Twitter impressions with #valueCHCs or #SaveOurCHCs were trending. 

If you would like to become a Health Center Advocate, please visit  the Health Center Advocacy webpage or visit MPHCA.com

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